A Little Bit of Everything

Hey there! My name is Catarina, and I am quite the mash up of personality traits, hence my title. I can be girly with my outfits and shopping, but I can be boy-ish with my huge appetite and love of sports. I can be loud and obnoxious, but I can be quiet and shy. I can be the perfect student, but I can be the queen of slackers. There’s no middle. It’s either one or the other. I’m a Gemini, so extreme is how I roll.

My most notable trait is my ability to live an active lifestyle. I am primarily a runner and swimmer, but I have stuck my feet in just about every other sport at one point or another in my life. I’ve done cheerleading, gymnastics, karate, basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee — you name it! However, running and swimming are my two main passions in the world of sports. On top of my love of sports, I also adore adventure. From rock climbing, to backpacking, to whitewater rafting, to kayaking, I love anything that comes with a death wish and a guaranteed need for a manicure at the end.

I am a traveler. I love visiting new places, learning about different cultures, and experiencing delicacies and traditions from around the world. That is why my blog focuses on exploration. I hope that one day I can combine my love for journalism and my passion for travel with a position on the staff of National Geographic. However, that is still a ways into the future and right now, I want to make sure I’m making every moment count.

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