Are You Typical?

This video is similar to my last post but still intriguing nonetheless, thanks to National Geographic. With seven billion people living on this planet, who is the most typical? We are all so different in so many ways, but at the same time, we all share similar characteristics and lifestyles that maintain our global connections and interactions.

Some of the facts in this video are very surprising. They make me feel like I live in a bubble because my life seems so easy compared to the people living in Africa, for example, who have to spend eight hours per day collecting water when I can just turn on a faucet.

This use of media is extremely effective. It captures the viewers’ attention and helps them remember facts with visuals and audio. These are journalistic skills necessary in the modern world of media. Being a good writer is no longer enough. One must photograph, edit, digitize, etc. This video taught me the lesson of how important technology is if I ever want to be a serious journalist.

Not to mention, the tune is pretty catchy.


7 Billion


Video Credit: National Geographic

I know this video does not exactly pertain to my usual theme of travel/adventure. However, when I saw this video in my geography class last year, I was amazed. Many people do not realize how large of a number seven billion is. Seven billion people on one planet is insane, yet we are producing more children with every second that passes.

As a journalist, it’s overwhelming to think about how we will cover the news that pertains to seven billion people, especially since we all live in different places with different cultures and interests. It is our job to get the facts straight, find the most newsworthy events, and give the people something to think about because in a world of seven billion, there’s a whole lot to think about.

New App by National Geographic

For all you adventure-lovers out there, check out this new app from National Geographic. In honor of National Park Week, National Geographic is launching a new app in which you can gain access to guides of the 20 most visited parks. In addition, the app provides information about advisories, parking, photos, hiking, and so much more!

From April 21-29, every single National Park in the country is offering free admission. That means that everyone should be getting off the couch and taking advantage of this awesome opportunity. Happy National Park Week!