African Masks – Photo Gallery – Pictures, More From National Geographic Magazine.

I feel like photojournalism is underestimated most of the time. People do not realize just how difficult capturing the perfect photo is. I will admit, sometimes I do not even realize how much work photographers put into their cameras.

The perfect picture is all about expression, in my opinion. Whether this type of expression means human facial expressions or the impact of a beautiful landscape scenery, expression is the key part of a photo that moves viewers. In this photo from National Geographic taken by Phyllis Galembo, for example, the expressions on the boys’ faces make the picture pop. When I saw it, I immediately wanted to know more about why they were dressed in such an elaborate way, how their cultural traditions shape their home lives, and just how different these practices might be from our own.

If every photojournalist could spark the interest and curiosity of viewers like this photo, then the world would never read again.


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