Best Races in the World

Back at home, I really enjoy participating in triathlons and any other races I can get my hands on. This article, which I found on National Geographic‘s website, discusses the top ten places in the world to participate in some of the most grueling, yet invigorating races in the world.

My personal favorite is the marathon in Jungfrau, Switzerland because I visited this same exact location when I went on a tour of Switzerland in the summer of 2010.

Photo credit: National Geographic

What’s amazing to me is that I stood in the same spot this photographer stood. This picture actually underestimates the beauty of Jungfrau. You can feel so close to the clouds and the sun but at the same time, you can feel so far from the base of the mountain where the rest of the world lies. I did not know this race existed, and I would really like to learn more about it because if I ever go back to Switzerland, which I would most definitely like to, I would love to strap on my running shoes and give this constant uphill battle a go.

Check this article out, especially if you’re a race fanatic like I am. It explores races from all over the world, including two races in our lovely state of Colorado!


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