Top 10 Food Road Trips

Pumpkin Patchin' Pennsylvania

Photo credit - National Geographic

What do I love more than traveling? FOOD! So, if I can experience both, why wouldn’t I? I love this article from National Geographic. First of all, I am a big fan of road-tripping. There is definitely something so surreal about it compared to air or ocean travel. Not only does one arrive at a specific destination, but he or she can also enjoy other places along the way. One of my biggest goals before I graduate from college is to take a cross-country road trip, especially since I am originally from the East Coast. After reading this article, I definitely have a better idea of all the cuisines I should plan for as I traverse each state. I cannot wait to enjoy Washington crab, the citrus fruits of Arizona, and the endless supply of pumpkins and chocolate in Pennsylvania.

Another reason why I loved this article is the photography. Photojournalism is such an important part of the field, and National Geographic has definitely always been more than amateur at taking photos. The glorious photo of so many pumpkins definitely caught my eye on the homepage of the website, and that is impressive.

Just another item to add to the bucket list.


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